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Last Updated 20 September 2018

Here are some affiliate programs for a webmaster type audience, such as domains, hosting, and software. Also check our Finance section for sponsors offering credit card merchant accounts. There is another section specifically for Domain Parking programs. Note that some of these programs only pay for hosting, but not for any domain registrations. Also, some may allow commissions for your own purchases, but others don't. So read the Terms And Conditions pages carefully.

pair Networks - Hosting and domain registrations. Their referral program pays by credit to your own hosting account. We use and recommend this company.

000 Webhost - Signups to their free host. Pays monthly by check, PayPal, or wire transfer, minimum $100.

1 And 1 - Hosting and domains. You must already be a customer to join. Net ten weeks, credited to your credit card. Referred customers who cancel within 3 months will result in a reversed commission.

1 Shopping Cart - Subscriptions to their shopping cart software and services. Also offers products for setting up and managing affiliate programs. Residual commissions. Net 15, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

ABK-Soft - Promote their Able Dating software for building dating / matchmaking sites which earn revenue with subscriptions. The package includes the ability to set up an affiliate program.

ADDR - Web hosting and related services. International publishers OK.

Ad Impact - Seems to offer a system for generating popups to collect email addresses for further marketing. Two tier. Net 15, minimum $50, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Advantage SEO Online Marketing Services - Formerly known as Discount Click. Offers search engine optimization services.

Aff.biz - Seems to be a small CPA / affiliate network with a few providers of hosting and domains.

Afternic - They are a broker for people buying and selling already-registered domain names. Net 10, minimum $25, check or PayPal. They also have a Domain Parking program.

AlstraSoft - Offers a variety of site building and ecommerce software, including for webmasters wanting to set up their own affiliate programs. Pays every two weeks, minimum $150, by Paypal, Stormpay, E-Gold, iKobo, or MoneyBookers.

Applied Innovations - Windows based hosting. Net 15, minimum $100, and it appears that you must request payment. Two tier.

AusWeb - Australia based Web site hosting. International publishers OK.

AvaHost - Web hosting. Lifetime recurring commissions. International publishers OK.

AWeber Communications - Sells email marketing software. Seems to involve subscriptions, with residual commissions. Net 15, minimum $30 for US publishers, $50 for others. International publishers OK.

Axandra - Search engine optimization and Web site promotion software. Only pays via PayPal. International publishers OK. Minimum payment $64.

Ban Man Pro - Ad banner rotation software. Owned by Ad Complete, and uses their Affiliate Wiz affiliate tracking system. International publishers OK.

Biz Land - Hosting services. Seems to be directed towards small business customers just starting their Web presence. Pays 45 days after the end of a calendar quarter, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Blue Host - New customers must stay a minimum of 90 days to generate a commission. Pays twice per month, Net 45, minimum $100 for first payment, and no minimum thereafter. International publishers OK.

Blue Snap - Provides ecommerce services to merchants. Online shopping carts, payment gateways, and subscription billing systems.

BoonEx - Sells software for building interactive community Web sites. Pays monthly, minimum $300, by PayPal only. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

Bravenet - Web hosting and domains. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Buy.ooo - Appears to be a registrar for domains with a ".ooo" suffix. Offers reseller accounts. Based in India. Added 7 April 2016.

CanReg - Domain registrar specializing in .ca domains. Offers a custom-branded option. Payments made quarterly. Canadian publishers only.

Cash Flow From Credit Cards - Sells templates and guides to people wanting to publish credit card oriented affiliate sites. Two tier. We do not recommend this program, because they require publishers to purchase the product in order to promote it.

Datafeedr - Subscription service to generate and update Web store pages from merchant product feeds. Oriented to WordPress blog publishers. Offers recurring payments. Net 30, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Domainz - Domain registration, including ".nz" names, as well as other types. Pays via direct credit to bank accounts. Their signup form seems to only accept New Zealand based publishers.

Dot Canuck - Based in Canada. Hosting and domain name registration. International publishers OK.

Dot Easy - Based in Canada. Hosting and domain registrations, including free hosting with the purchase of a domain.

Dream Host

Fat Cow - Seems to only offer credit towards your own hosting bill. And the crediting seems clunky - apparently, the new customer must manually enter your referral code when signing up. They also offer a reseller program.

FastBase - Offers an add-on tool to work with Google Analytics, and give more information about web site visitors, for the purpose of generating leads.

Free Parking - Based in New Zealand. Operates WebFarm, Free Parking and 2 Day, for domain name registrations and Web hosting. You must be a customer of theirs, with at least one service (e.g. a domain.) Be sure to read their fine print: "If WebFarm pays you a referral fee for any service purchased on a monthly basis, and that service is canceled before a period of twelve (12) months has elapsed, the entire referral fee paid for that service shall be refundable to WebFarm." Minimum payment NZ$50, with direct bank credit available to NZ publishers. International publishers OK.

Get Response - Email marketing.

GoDaddy - Domain name registrations.

HitPro - Sells Web sites promotion services. Pays by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Host 4 Future - Offers recurring commissions. Seems to offer a choice of them billing the end-customer, or the publisher doing so. International publishers OK.

Host Gator - Web hosting, from low cost shared accounts to dedicated servers. Net 60, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Hosting Bay - Australia based Web hosting. Recurring payments for the life of the customer. Net 21, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Hosting Clicks - Requires site content to be webmaster oriented. Net 30, minimum $50, by PayPal only. Based in Australia, but only accepts publishers from the US, UK, Canada, Japan or New Zealand. Owned by iOnline.

Hosting.Com - Offers various Web hosting plans. International publishers OK.

Host Monster - International publishers OK. Payments are twice per month, Net 45.

Host Rocket - Two tier.

Hostway - Pays for hosting plans, but not for domain registrations. Commissions can be applied as credit for your own hosting account. International publishers OK.

Interneka - Offers remotely-hosted software systems for webmasters wanting their own affiliate program. Pays monthly, minimum $50, apparently by PayPal only. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Interserver - Hosting.

IP 2 Location - Software databases of Zip codes, postal codes, and telephone area codes, along with geographical information. Pays monthly, minimum $200, only via PayPal. International publishers OK.

IPower - Hosting, domains, and other webmaster services.

IX Web Hosting - Net 45, minimum $360, but check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK.

JustHost - Hosting. Pays via PayPal only.

Kanga Web - Web hosting. Minimum payment US$70. And it appears that you would need to invoice them to request payment (although they offer a template for this.) They only pay via PayPal, to a Verified Premium Account or a Verified Business Account. Two tier. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

KickStart Cart - Merchant services including shopping cart, payment gateway, and affiliate tracking. Two tier. Requires referrals to remain as customers after a 30-day trial signup. International publishers OK.

Lead Club - Sells memberships to their FFA (Free-For-All) system, which sends "confirmation" messages to posters.

Liquid Web - Hosting. One-time commission plus recurring percentage. Pays monthly, minimum $60, by check, PayPal, or credit to your own customer account. International publishers OK.

Lunar Pages - Two tier. International publishers OK.

Mach 5 - Offers software for traffic log analysis, and for email list management. International publishers OK.

Market Hoster - Hosting with residual commissions for the lifetime of the customer. Pays every two weeks, by check or PayPal.

Media Temple - Hosting.

Melbourne IT - Domain registrations including ".au" names, along with other types. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

My Site Space - Net 7, minimum $50, by PayPal or wire transfer (no checks.) Two tier.

Net Office Tool Box - Offers a shopping cart, auto responder, and other tools for online merchants. Includes an affiliate tracking system. Minimum payment $50. International publishers OK.

Nexcess - Net 1, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Ntiryety -.

Payloadz - They offer a system for merchants to sell downloadable products (software and other digital content.) The affiliate program pays for new merchant signups.

PC Digital - Hosting. Net 10, minimum $160 by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Pure Hosting - A range of hosting packages. Pays in US$, Euros, or British Pounds. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

Quality Unit - Various business software for webmasters, including a system for setting up their own affiliate program. Commission percentage depends on number of sales per month. Two tier. Net 15, minimum $100, by check or wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Rackspace - Web and email hosting. International publishers OK.

Real Web Host - Pays 30 days after each quarter, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

Register Direct - Offers Web site domain registration and hosting. Allows some opt-in email list marketing. Based in New Zealand, and offers direct credits to NZ bank accounts. International publishers OK. Minimum payment $50, Net 14.

Renegade Internet - Promote their banner ad serving software and their hosted ad server.

Revisitors - Formerly known as Easy Site Hits. They buy abandoned domain names, make a links page or redirect, and sell the traffic to other webmasters. Two tier. Pays monthly, no minimum, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Sales Automator - Shopping cart and affiliate tracking systems. Minimum payment $50, by check. Owned by K4 Global Publishing. International publishers OK.

Search Engine Blaster - This service offers mass search engine submission. Features monthly residual commissions from ongoing subscribers. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

SEO Book - Sells a downloadable ebook about search engine marketing. Net 5, minimum $50. Appears to pay only by PayPal. International publishers OK.

Server 101 - Hosting. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK. Two tier. Minimum payment $50, Net 30. Paypal, check, or wire transfer.

Shopify - Ecommerce software.

Skenzo - Domain parking. They seem oriented to large domain portfolio holders. Plus they have a white-label / private-label parking program for resellers.

Sparklit Networks - Offers various webmaster tools, including the AdButler banner rotation system, along with other interactive services sold by subscription. Pays in either money, or credit to your own service account. You must request payment, which will be mailed within 28 days.

Start Logic - Hosting, but they do not pay commissions for domain registrations. International publishers OK.

Tierra Net - Web hosting and related services. They have a few options, including a referral program for credit to your own hosting account. Note that their affiliate program (for monetary payment) has a setup fee of $50, along with an annual fee of $50, if you have fewer than five ongoing customer accounts. But there is also an ongoing commission for renewed hosting customers. Net 10, by check or direct deposit (for US accounts only.) It appears that you must apply by fax or snail-mail.

TPP Internet - Based in Australia. Mostly sells domain registrations. Net 7, minimum $50.

Trellian - Various software products for Web publishers, including search engine optimization (SEO) programs and other items. Net 30, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

Virtual Ave -

Voda Host - Hosting, including low cost plans. Two tier. Net 16, minimum $150, by check or PayPal.

Web-1 Hosting - Note that they deactivate publishers with low clickthroughs. Net 10, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Web CEO - Software for search engine marketing, Web traffic analysis, Web site management, and maintenance. Net 30, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, or ACH deposit. International publishers OK.

Web.com - Hosting and site design. Minimum payment $50. International publishers OK.

WebHost.Pro - Web site hosting.

Website Magazine - Promote free subscriptions to this paper magazine for Web developers and similar professionals. Net 15, minimum $200. International publishers OK, but they only accept US-based leads.

Web Wombat - They sell listings on their Australia oriented search engine. Net 30, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

Wix - Offers free Web site building tools.

Word Tracker - Subscriptions to their tools for online marketers who buy listings on PPC engines. Net 28, minimum $40, by check or PayPal. Two tier. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

WP Web Wizards - WordPress hosting and domain registrations. Pays by check or PayPal. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Your-Site - Hosting. Pays only in credit to your hosting bill, and requires the new customer to manually type your name when they sign up.


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