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Last Updated 22 September 2019

Art.Com - Sells prints, posters, and photographs, with optional custom framing. General links, search boxes, individual items, or make a virtual store. Pays monthly, minimum $20 for US publishers, $100 for others, by check or PayPal. They have a separate site aimed at the UK, but publisher signups are at the main site. International publishers OK. We use this sponsor, and will update when we receive the first payment.

2U - (Main site is here). Sells mobile phones, along with related products and services. Two tier. Net 60, by direct credit into bank accounts, and accounts outside the UK have a minimum of 500. International publishers OK. However, their physical products are only shipped to UK customers, while some other products are worldwide.

Ad 2 One - Details aren't clear. They also have offices in Ireland, continental Europe, and Australia.

Addvantage Media - Seems to be a CPM network. Publishers must email or call for more information.

AdJug - CPM advertising exchange. Accepts sites in English or German language. It looks like publishers must invoice them. Net 45, minimum 50. International publishers OK.

Ad Manage - Keyword-based banners and text boxes (similar to AdSense.) Allows Web sites, search engines, email, or application developers. Net 45, minimum $100, by check, PayPal, Direct Deposit (US only), Epassporte (minimum $1000), or wire transfer (minimum $500.) International publishers OK. Has some relationship with Direct CPV.

AdMetrics Media - CPA / Affiliate network, with some CPM and CPC. Requires at least 10,000 impressions per month. Accepts sites written in English, Spanish, German or French. Oriented to Europe and North America. Net 30, minimum US$50. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Advertising 365 - CPC network. Two tier. Net 15, minimum 100. International publishers OK.

Affiliate Advantage - CPA network. Net 15, minimum 50, by check or direct bank credit.

Affiliate Future - CPA affiliate network. Targets US, UK, and continental Europe audiences. Payments offer three currencies. Minimum payment $40/20/€40, Net 15. Apparently does all payments by BACS / wire transfer.

Affiliate Marketing (AM) - CPA / Affiliate network. International publishers OK.

Affiliates United - Oriented to gaming and betting. Seems to be connected with CPays / Webroute Services / Gaming Partners. International publishers OK, but does not want any US traffic.

Affiliate Window - CPA ad network. Seems to focus on deep linking to individual products, to create your own online store or shopping portal. International publishers OK.

Affilinet - CPA affiliate network. Based in Germany and the UK, for various European audiences. Acceptable languages are English, French, German, Spanish, and Polish. A subsidiary of AdLINK Internet Media and United Internet. It looks like the statistics might not be real-time, and are emailed once per month(?) Net 15, minimum 50. International publishers OK.

Afform - CPA affiliate network. Requires at least 1,000 page views per month. Allows some opt-in email list marketing. Net 30, minimum 25. They appear to only accept UK based publishers.

Amigo - Oriented towards publishers of email newsletters. Owned by Carsonified. Pays monthly, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Amobee Media Systems - Ad network oriented to mobile phones and other devices. Net 15, minimum US$100. International publishers OK.

Cash Genie - Offers short term loans. Pays by check or direct bank transfer. Their publisher signup form seems to only accept UK addresses

Clickwork7 - CPA / Affiliate network. Includes some offers which may be incentivized. International publishers OK.

Compact Law - Sells information and services related to legal matters. You must email them for details.

Consilium Media - Network offering CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns, depending on the publisher's performance. They also offer a system to distribute cookies to visitors without showing an ad, to create targeting profiles for future impressions.

Crisp Ads - Offers text ads based on your chosen keywords (not contextual), and category based graphic banners. Net 30, minimum $5, only by PayPal. They also have a US version at the same site. Owned by the same company as Intela.

DIY Dating - Set up your own site, populated with their listings. Based in the UK, but seems to have listings for other countries.

DotCom Media Sales - CPM network. International publishers OK. "Powered by Red Chilli Network."

Forex Cash - Signing up users for forex trading accounts. Two tier. Net 10, minimum US$100. It appears that you can choose a one-time bounty, or a percentage of new deposits. International publishers OK.

HiFX - Foreign exchange and other currency services. Based in the UK, but they also have branches in Australia and New Zealand. International publishers OK.

High Profits - Oriented to "work from home" offers. Pays twice per month, minimum US$10 by check, $5 by PayPal, or $30 by wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Just Dial - International telephone service for customers in the UK. It appears that they assign publishers with a separate access number, which then credits his/her affiliate account, when used on a conventional phone. Also offers mobile phone prepaid top-up cards. Their contract has an exclusivity clause stating that they must be your only merchant offering telephone services. They also require certain minimum sales/usage levels to be maintained.

Krypto Banners - CPM network. Requires at least 3,000 unique impressions per month. Net 45, minimum $10. International publishers OK.

London Bridge Performance Media - CPA / Affiliate network oriented to audiences in the UK and US.

Media Bug - Mostly CPA / Affiliate network, with some CPM and CPC. Internatinal publishers OK. Added 6 Feb 2015.

More Niche - CPA / Affiliate network. Pays every two weeks, net 10, by PayPal, Epassporte, international wire transfer and UK bank transfer. International publishers OK. Seems related to Claritie.

My Forex Store - Based in the UK, but international publishers OK. Owned by i4bet LTD.

Nixxie - Contextual CPC network. You must invoice them for payment, net 45, by BACS, PayPal, CHAPS or check. International publishers and traffic OK.

OMG Network - CPA network based in the UK, but offers ads targeted to various other European countries, as well. International publishers OK.

Paid On Results - CPA / Affiliate network. Two tier. Net 45, minimum 25 (or 50 for international publishers.) You must specifically request payment.

Palo Alto Software - Software for writing business pals and marketing plans. Minimum payment 100, by cheque. They also have a US version. International publishers OK.

Performance Horizon - Oriented to travel, retail, and financial services. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK. Listing added 21 January 2018.

The Performance Marketing Network - Pays monthly, minimum 100 or US$150. International publishers OK.

Planet Personals - Dating / personal ads. Offers 25% commission on fee for initial customer sign-ups.

Pure Hosting - A range of web site hosting packages. Pays in US$, Euros, or British Pounds. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

Quick Quid - Offers short term and payday loans.

Simply - They call themselves a, "Google AdWords reseller."

Skrill - Formerly known as MoneyBookers. Based in the UK, but serves other countries. They are an online payment system, similar to PayPal.

The Slice - CPA / affiliate network, established in 1993. All payments made by bank transfer. International publishers OK.

Switch Concepts - CPM ad network. Allows publishers to set a minimum acceptable CPM. Offers real-time auctioning of impressions to the highest-bidding advertiser. International publishers OK.

Traffic Broker - CPM and CPC. Net 10, minimum US$100 by PayPal, paxum, payoneer, or US$1000 by wire transfer. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Web Gains - CPA / Affiliate network. Owned by AdPepper. Pays weekly, net 7. They also have divisions for several other countries. International publishers OK.

Word Tracker - Subscriptions to their tools for online marketers who buy listings on PPC engines. Net 28, minimum $40, by check or PayPal. Two tier. International publishers OK.

WOW Trk - Formerly known as Trienta Affiliates - CPA / affiliate network, with some CPC. Net 45, minimum 30, by check, PayPal, or BACs. International publishers OK. Owned by WOW Media.


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