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Pop-Ups & Pop-Unders

Last Updated 14 October 2017

These networks feature various sponsors with ads appearing in javascript pop-up or pop-under windows. A pop-under (also known as a pop-behind) is like a pop-op, but it loads so that it is underneath the main site window, and is thus less obtrusive.

Some networks display the pop-ups/unders when the visitor first enters the site, and others display a pop-up when the visitor leaves (sometimes known as "exit traffic" or an "exit console." Their code may set a cookie for "frequency capping" to avoid showing an ad to the same visitor repeatedly during a short period of time.

Conversant / ValueClick Media - Their CPM arm comes from absorbing FastClick. Requires a minimum of 2,500 impressions per month, with a minimum click-through rate of 0.25%. Mix of CPM and CPC banners, along with pop-unders. Allows selection of individual advertisers and redirection of defaults to another network. Two tier. Net 20, by check or PayPal, and direct deposit for US and Canadian publishers. International publishers OK. We have used this network, and have received payments.

Ad 4 Game - CPM, CPC and CPA. Oriented to publishers with gaming, entertainment, and anime content, and also offers Flash in-game ads. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, offers PayPal and wire transfer. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Adversal Publisher Network - They are oriented to pop-unders, and have measures for evading blocking software. Net 15, minimum $20, by check or PayPal. Two tier. They claim to fill 100% of inventory, and they also prohibit the use of any other network's pops. International publishers OK.

Advertising 365 - Can be used on free hosted sites. Net 30, by check, PayPal, MoneyBookers, E-Gold, or wire transfer, minimum 50 US Dollars, UK Pounds, or Euros. Payment must be requested. Two tier. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK, and they accept traffic from many countries.

Aim 4 Media - Prevously known as Popup Money. Based in the Netherlands, but international publishers OK.

Clicksor - Mainly focused on contextual keyword links. Also offers contextual text banners, graphic banners, popunders, XML feeds, and a search box. Min $50 for check, Min $20 for PayPal, Net 15.

CPMoz - Popunders

Direct CPV - Seems to want publishers of downloadable software applications from which the ads can be launched, rather than Web sites. Net 45, minimum $100, by check, PayPal, or international wire transfer.

Gorilla Nation - Focused on entertainment-related sites. Banners and popups/popunders. Allows redirection of defaults to another network. Requires third-party traffic statistics, showing a minimum of 500,000 page views per month.

Index Exchange - Formerly known as Casale Media. Leaderboards, skyscrapers, boxes, and pop-unders. Mostly geotargeted to the US, but also many international campaigns. Individually selectable campaign, including auto-approve with selectable restrictions. Pop-unders have adjustable frequency capping. Allows redirection of defaults. Very nice publisher interface. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK. Pays 70% of advertiser's rate. Min $25, Net 30. Check or PayPal. We have used this network, and have received payments.

Infinity Ads - Popups and popunders. Offers up to $3 CPM. Two tier. Pays twice per month, Net 15, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. Appears to be owned by YesUp. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Pubsio - Appears to use popuunders. Allows publishers to set display frequency for individual campaigns. Pays monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on volume. Minimum payment $100. This company appears to be based in Barbados, but accepts publishers and audiences from elsewhere. Listing added 11 December 2016.

Undertone Networks - Seems to focus on popunders. They don't give much details, and you must email them for more information. They have an ad industry blog.


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