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Ad Networks For Non-US Audiences

Last Updated 21 January 2018

Note that we also have individual categories for sponsors in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the UK.

Clix Galore - Mostly Australian merchants, but serves other countries as well. Pays monthly, minimum AU$100, by cheque or PayPal. International publishers OK, with a few different currencies available. Although it appears that everyone outside Australia and the USA must receive PayPal.

Share Results - Based in Canada, but also accepts sites with US audiences. About 60 merchants. Pays in Canadian or US dollars, by check, PayPal, or Net Teller. International publishers OK. We use this network, and will update when we have received payment.

Acento Hispano - For Spanish-language sites and audiences in the US, Latin America, and Spain. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Ad 2 One - Details aren't clear. Based in the UK, and they also have offices in Ireland, continental Europe, and Australia.

AdChina - Network oriented to the Chinese market. Seems to focus on branding, so it may be CPM.

Adjump - Lead oriented. They state that they want "large traffic providers." Based in Canada, but international publishers and traffic OK, including non-English-speaking countries.

Ad Pepper - Focused on audiences in various European countries.

Adverline - Based in France.

Aedgency - Network featuring European advertisers. Seems to be CPA / Affiliate. Net 60, minimum 50 Euros. Based in Ireland, but international publishers OK.

Affiliate Future - CPA affiliate network, with some CPC. Targets US, UK, and continental Europe audiences. Payments offer three currencies. Minimum payment $40/20/€40, Net 15. Apparently does all payments by BACS / wire transfer.

Affiliate Marketing (AM) - CPA / Affiliate network, based in the UK. International publishers OK.

Affiliator - Based in Sweden, with mostly Swedish merchants. They also have a Swedish language site.

Affilinet - Formerly known as AdLink. CPA affiliate network. Based in Germany and the UK, for various European audiences. Acceptable languages are English, French, German, Spanish, and Polish. Owned by Sedo Holding. It looks like the statistics might not be real-time, and are emailed once per month(?) Net 15, minimum 50. International publishers OK.

Afform - Based in the UK. CPA affiliate network. Requires at least 1,000 page views per month. Allows some opt-in email list marketing. Net 30, minimum 25. They appear to only accept UK based publishers.

Aim 4 Media - Allows redirection of defaults. Net 60 (after a publisher specifically requests payment), minimum $50 (or Euros in some unclear amount), by check, PayPal, or wire transfer (with fee deducted.) Based in the Netherlands, but international publishers OK.

Batanga Network - Formerly known as HispanoClick.

Belboon - Formerly known as AdButler. Based in Germany, and oriented to European audiences. International publishers OK.

Click 2 Sell - Seems to focus mostly on ebooks and other downloadable products. Net 21, by PayPal or Moneybookers only. They appear to be in Lithuania, although their Terms And Conditions mentions Costa Rica. International publishers OK.

Clickpoint - Based in Italy. Seems to be CPA / Affiliate oriented.

Correo Direct - Based in Spain. Their site is in Spanish, but they seem to focus on email marketing. International publishers OK.

Creafi Online Media - Based in Denmark, with offices in Finland and Argentina. Although their WhoIs includes an address in St. Petersburg, Russia. CPA and CPM. You must fill out their contact form to receive details.

ExoClick - CPC network with text links, banners, and domain parking. Pays weekly, Net 7, by PayPal or ePassporte, minimum $10, or check or wire transfer, minimum US$200. Two tier. Based in Spain, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Fox Networks - Owned by News Corporation. Seems to have offices targeting several non-US markets. International publishers OK.

Fyber - Formerly known as Sponsor Pay. Oriented to developers of apps.

Harren Media - Specializes in US Hispanic, Latin American, and Spanish and Portuguese language publishers and audiences.

IDM Net - Based in Poland, and seeks only Poland-based publishers.

Impaktu - Video ads directed to Latin American audiences.

Impresiones Web - Based in Spain. Seems to be CPM..

Joinville - Based in Sweden, and oriented to "multicultural" audiences.

Lucky Pacific - CPA / Affiliate network focused on China and other Asian audiences. Requires at least 10,000 page views per month. Two tier. Net 60, minimum $50 for US publishers and $100 for others. International publishers OK, and offers payment in several currencies.

MADS - Based in the Netherlands, but serving all of Europe. Oriented towards content and ads designed to be viewed on phones and other mobile devices.

Malta CPM - Seems to function as a gateway to other ad exchanges, including AppNexus, AtomX, DoubleClick, Invite Media, OpenX, and Rubicon. No minimum traffic requirement. Net 60 (but can pay Net 30 or Net 45, with a percentage deducted from earnings), minimum $100., by bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, or Skrill. Based in Malta, but international publishers and traffic OK. Listing added 14 December 2016.

Media Brokers - Based in Ireland, and oriented to Irish audiences.

Mind Tech Affiliates - CPA / Affiliate network. Pays Net 30, no minimum, by PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer, and possibly other options. Based in India, but international publishers and traffic (especially English-speaking countries) OK. Listing added 21 January 2018.

Mirago - Requires at least 50,000 unique visitors per month. CPC campaigns. Oriented towards European audiences. Net 30. Allows publishers from a short list of countries.

Nuffnang - Based in Singapore, and oriented to blog publishers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Offer Forge - Based in South Africa. Mostly CPA / Affiliate, with a few CPC campaigns. Net 20, minimum $25. 

OMG Network - CPA network based in the UK, but offers ads targeted to various other European countries, as well. Owned by Online Media Group. International publishers OK.

Paid On Results - UK based CPA / Affiliate network. Two tier. Net 45, minimum 25 (or 50 for international publishers.) You must specifically request payment.

Pamoja Media - CPM network powered by Adify, and oriented to African audiences. Requires at least 50 visitors per day. Net 30 or 60 (depending on earnings level), minimum $200. International publishers OK.

Panda Ltd. - CPA / Affiliate network. Oriented to forex and biz-opp type offers. Biweekly payments. Based in Cyprus, with offices in Russia and Hong Kong, but international publishers and traffic OK. Listing added 21 January 2018.

Pay 4 Results - CPA / Affiliate network based in Estonia. Oriented to the Estonian, Baltic and Russian markets, but international publishers OK. Pays monthly, minimum €100, by bank transfer.

Payclick - Based in Italy. Seems to be CPC, CPL, and CPA.

Peak Click - CPC network. Pays every two weeks, by checks, wires, ePassporte, Western Union, and WebMoney, in Euros or US Dollars. Two tier. Based in Austria, but international publishers and traffic OK.

ReactivPub - Based in France, but international publishers OK. Seems to be CPA and CPC. Net 30, minimum €30.

Trade Doubler - Welcomes sites with audiences in various European countries. Their UK division only accepts publishers with UK addresses, UK Web sites, and UK bank accounts, so that may also be true for their divisions in other countries,

Value Commerce - Based in Japan.

VIP Response - CPA, CPL and CPI (Cost Per Install) network. Oriented to audiences in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and North America. Includes some offers which may be incentivized. Includes some mobile campaigns. Based in the Netherlands, but international publishers OK.

Web Ads - Appears to be CPM, but doesn't give much information. New Zealand oriented.

Web Gains - CPA / Affiliate network. Based in the UK, but they also have divisions for several other countries in Europe, plus the US. Owned by AdPepper. Pays weekly, net 7. International publishers OK.

Zanox - Based in Berlin, Germany, and seems to have coverage for many countries. Appears to be oriented to CPA affiliate offers.


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