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Mobile Content Networks

Last Updated 21 January 2018

These ad networks specialize in publishers of content that is designed for viewing on cell phones and other mobile devices.


140 Proof - Inserts CPC ads in Twitter feeds.

AdMob - Oriented to publishers of mobile phone accessible sites. Net 30, minimum $20, by check. Acquired by Google in November 2009.

adMobix - Canadian network oriented to mobile advertising. Owned by the same parent as AdCommunal and somehow related to an old company named AdCanadian. International publishers OK.

AdNubo - Based in the Phillipines, but international publishers OK. Owned by StartMeApp.

Ad Zone Social - CPA / Affiliate network oriented to advertisers which allow ad placements on FaceBook. Offers many campaigns with mobile tracking.

AffiliateNetwork.Com - Has a section oriented to mobile offers.

Amobee Media Systems - Net 15, minimum US$100. Based in the UK, but International publishers OK.

Armor For Android - Offers an antivirus product for Android devices.

Axonix - Formerly known as Mobclix.

Brus Media - CPA / Affiliate network oriented to in-app advertising.

Clickky - Seems oriented to installation of mobile apps.

DSNR Media Group / DMG - Seems to be mostly CPA, but with some CPM and CPC. Also includes some mobile marketing. Pays by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Everbadge - Cost Per Install (CPI) offer.

Exact Match Media - Pay Per Call offers.

Guppy Media - Seems lead oriented, and also offers some marketing for mobile content. Requires a minimum of 1,000 unique page views per month. Net 30, minimum $50 for Us publishers, $200 for others. International publishers OK.

IconPeak - CPA / Affiliate network entirely focused on mobile offers. Based in Germany, but international publishers OK.

InMobi - Net 45, minimum US$25 or INR 1000. Based in India, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Kiss My Ads - Two tier. Pays fortnightly, minumum 50, by bank account direct credit or Payoneer.

Lead Hug - Seems to be Affiliate / CPA. Net 30, minimum $100 (Net 7 for high-volume publishers). Based in China, but international publishers OK.

Loody Ads - CPA/ Affiliate network oriented to games and mobile apps.

MADS - Based in the Netherlands, but serving all of Europe.

Marchex - Mobile and voice call advertisers.

Marketron Mobile -

Media Encounter - CPA / Affiliate network which includes campaigns for app downlaods.

Medialets - Offers ads that can be dropped into games and social media apps.

Millennial Media - Oriented towards publishers of mobile-accessable content with their mMedia platform. International publishers OK.

mkMob - Two tier. Established in 2010. Based in Jamaica, but international publishers OK.

Mobicow - Offers full screen ads. Claims 100% fill rates. Two tier. Net 30.

Mobidea - CPA / Affiliate network specializing in mobile-friendly offers. Various payment terms, by PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, Payza, FirstchoicePay, and Wire Transfer. Listing added 21 January 2018.

Mobile Internet Advertising / MAD - Offers campaigns for both mobile and regular Web publishers. Based in India, but international publishers OK.

MobTap - Oriented to developers of smartphone apps. Includes paid ads and a banner exchange. This company seems to be related to a now-defunct CPA affiliate network named CyberBounty.

Mobvista -

Offermobi - CPA / affiliate network. Net 30, minimum $50, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Pulse Mobile - Owned by Global Wide Media.

Rainy Day Marketing - Oriented to paying per install of mobile apps. Has campaigns targeted to many different countries.

Soleo - Formerly known as Apptera.

Sponsormob - CPA / Affiliate network. Established in 2007. Pays monthly, minimum €50, by bank transfer to European bank accounts, PayPal, Moneybookers or EntroPay. Based in Germany, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Tapgerine - CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI.

Todacell - Based In Israel.

Vdopia - Oriented to video ads on the Web and in mobile content.

xAD - Oriented to local targeting.



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