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CPM Ad Networks

Last Updated 26 December 2017

These networks are oriented primarily to CPM ads, with payment based on the number of impressions (ad views), although there may be some CPC ads.

ValueClick Media / Conversant - Their CPM arm comes from absorbing FastClick. Requires a minimum of 2,500 impressions per month, with a minimum click-through rate of 0.25%. Mix of CPM and CPC banners, along with pop-unders. Allows selection of individual advertisers and redirection of defaults to another network. Two tier. Net 20, by check or PayPal, and direct deposit for US and Canadian publishers. International publishers OK. We have used this network, and have received payments.

Acento Hispano - For Spanish-language sites and audiences in the US, Latin America, and Spain. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Ad 4 Game - CPM, CPC and CPA. Oriented to publishers with gaming, entertainment, and anime content, and also offers Flash in-game ads. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, offers PayPal and wire transfer. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Ad Agency 1 - Requires at least 15,000 monthly impressions. Minimum payment $1, Net 60, via Stormpay. International publishers OK.

Ad Bid Central - Allows publishers to set a requested price for ad inventory.

AdBlade - CPM and CPC. Minimum 500,000 page views per month. Does not allow their ads to be placed into a rotation with other networks in the same position on a page. Net 30, by check or direct deposit. International publishers OK. A division of Adiant, which also owns Solve Media. Listing added 26 December 2017.

Addiliate - Option 1 is to create a publisher profile which advertisers can select if they want to offer CPM or CPC campaigns. Option 2 is for publishers to directly select CPA and low-rate CPC campaigns. Two tier.

AdJug - CPM advertising exchange. Accepts sites in English or German language. It looks like publishers must invoice them. Net 45, minimum 50. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

Ad Jungle - Ads are paid on a CPM basis (requires a minimum of 1,000 impressions per day), or on a sponsorship (cost per day) basis (no minimum traffic required.) Allows you to set a requested rate for possible campaigns, and to select individual advertisers. Allows redirection of default impressions to another network. Net 25, minimum $20, by check or PayPal.

Ad Onion - An exchange type format, where you bid your requested rates. Net 15 by check or PayPal, minimum $50.

AdReady - Wants "premium" publishers.

AdsPilot - CPM and also sponsorships for time periods ranging from one day to one month. Encourages content sites or blogs. Allows redirection of default impressions. Two tier. Net 15, minimum $20 for PayPal, $50 for checks, minus services fees for both. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK. Owned by Vidasco Corporation.

Adtegrity - Minimum 250,000 page views per month.

Ad-Up - Requires a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month. Mix of CPM and CPC banners. Prohibits the use of pop-ups from other sponsors, or more than one other banner per page. Requires that their HTML code be placed directly on the pages (i.e. publishers cannot use them to fill defaults from another network, or run their banners via a rotation system.) Allows selection of individual advertisers or product/service categories.

Advertising.Com - Requires site owners to deliver a minimum of 50,000 ad impressions per month. Owned by AOL.

Affinity - Offers display, CPC, and mobile.

Aim 4 Media - Formerly known as Popup Money. Allows redirection of defaults. Net 60 (after a publisher specifically requests payment), minimum $50 (or Euros in some unclear amount), by check, PayPal, or wire transfer (with fee deducted.) Based in the Netherlands, but international publishers OK.

Aim Clicks - Owned by Aquarius Media Services. Banners and search boxes. Minimum payment $35, Net 30. Payments via check, Paypal, or E-gold. International publishers OK.

Alcance Media Group - Oriented to the Hispanic market.

All-Star Media Group - A division of World Sports and Entertainment Inc. They emphasize their contextual and targeting systems.

Amobee -

Aqua Media Direct - Two tier.

Axill - Seems to allow low-traffic publishers. Net 7, by Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer (minimum $500), Skrill (Money Bookers), PayPal (minimum $25), or Bitcoin. International publishers OK. Added 6 April 2016.

Back Links - Sell text links with monthly sponsorship rates based on the Google PageRank of your site. Pays Net 3, by PayPal only.

Banner Connect - Pays by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK, and they have sales offices in several countries.

Banner Space - Appears to be primarily CPC with some CPM. Defaults can not be redirected - if there aren't enough ads available at the regular rates, the impressions will be filled with very low rate CPC banners. Minimum 500 visitors per day for US-based publishers, or 2500 visitors per day for non-US publishers.

Batanga Network - Formerly known as HispanoClick.

BBN Networks - High-end business-to-business publishers and advertisers.

Beacon Ads - Oriented to Christian content publishers. Uses the Buy Sell Ads platform.

Bizo - Seems oriented to the B2B space. They emphasize their targeting and optimization system.

Bootcamp Media - CPM network with banners and pops. Claims 100% fill rate. Net 30, by check or PayPal. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Brand.net - Seems oriented to high-quality publishers and branding type campaigns.

Bravenet Media - Doesn't give much information, but seems oriented to high-traffic sites. Banners, email sponsorships, and co-registration forms.

Buy Sell Ads - Seems to offer fixed monthly prices, based on average impressions.

Channel Flip - Oriented to YouTube vloggers.

CityGrid Media - Locally targeted ads.

Click Booth - CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. Allows some email marketing. Requires at least 1,000 "unique page views" per month. Two tier. Be sure to give a working phone number, since they require a call to verify applications. Net 15, minimum US$50, in US, CA, and AU dollars, Euros, and UK Pounds. International publishers OK. Owned by IntegraClick.

Collective Media - They emphasize their targeting system. They also own Directive Network, which appears to be CPA / Affiliate based.

Coull - Seems oriented to high-traffic publishers with video content which can be used for inserting ads

CPM Earn - Note that there are some broken links on their site, and on page contains Lorem Ipsum sample text. Based in India, but international publishers and traffic OK. Listing added 14 December 2016.

CPM Only - Requires at least 5,000 impressions per month. Net 5, minimum $50, by check wire transfer, or PayPal. International publishers OK.

CPM Star - Oriented to publishers of gaming content. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

CPXi - (Formerly known as BUDS Inc.) Offers banners and pops. Non-US publishers OK. Payments by check or PayPal.

Cubics - Oriented to social networks, including app developers. Pays via check or PayPal.

Data Shaping - Boxes of text links, oriented to job/career material for "analytic professionals." Also offers a CPA bookstore to sell your ebooks.

Dating Ad Network - CPM network and banner exchange for dating/romance sites. Seems to be owned by the same parent as Romance Net (listed below.)

The Deck - Small, invitation-only network oriented to audiences involved with Web design and related creative activities.

Destination Travel Network / DTN - CPM network powered by Adify, and oriented to travel and tourism. Owned by Simpleview.

DMG - Emphsizes the ability to use different platforms, including mobile and social media. International publishers and traffic OK.

Dog Time Media - Oriented towards pet-focused content and advertisers. Allows redirection of default impressions. Offers extra building tools for bloggers. Net 30, minimum $50.

DoubleClick by Google - Requires a minimum of 1 million impressions per month.

eHealthcare Solutions - Oriented to healthcare related publishers.

Empyre Media - CPA, CPM, and CPC campaigns. Seeking publishers that target the US, Canadian & European markets.

Enviro Marketing - Only accepts very high traffic publishers, and requires a minimum of one million impressions per day. Net 45.

Fidelity Media - Oriented to "brand safe" remnant campaigns and inventory. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30 business days, no minimum by PayPal or minimum $500 by wire transfer. Established in 2007. Based in Russia, but international publishers OK.

Floppy Bank - Requires at least 100,000 monthly impressions (and 5,000 unique visitors) Minimum payment $25, Net 45. Offers direct deposit to US bank accounts. International publishers OK. Also has what appears to be a separate CPA / Affiliate network, requiring at least 5,000 monthly impressions.

Fox Networks - Owned by News Corporation. Seems to have offices targeting several non-US markets. International publishers OK.

Gay Ad Network - Powered by Adify, and focused on publishers with gay audiences. No minimum traffic requirement. Net 75. International publishers OK.

Get Gamers - Oriented to gaming audiences. Offers popunders, mobile, and "back button" ad delivery for visitors bouncing away from a publisher's site.

Glam Media - Wants publishers with primarily female audiences. Requires at least 100,000 pages views per month, and any blogs must be at least three months old. Net 30, offers PayPal. International publishers OK..

Global Ad Space - Requires a minimum of 100,000 impressions per month. Appears to only pay via PayPal or wire transfer. International publishers OK. Added 4 September 2015.

Global Advertising And Marketing / Global Ad Sales - Offers CPM and CPC.

GlobalSpec / IHS Engineering 360 Media Solutions - For business-to-business audiences oriented towards industrial products and services.

Goodway Group - Owns Beep! Automotive, Sway Political and IvyPixel.

Gorilla Nation - Focused on entertainment-related sites. Banners and popups/popunders. Allows redirection of defaults to another network. Requires third-party traffic statistics, showing a minimum of 500,000 page views per month.

Gourmet Ads - Powered by Adify and oriented to food, wine, and beer type publishers and advertisers. Pays monthly, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. Based in Australia, but has offices in other countries, and international publishers OK.

The Grenshaw Tech Network - Requires at least 100,000 page views per month. Claims 100% fill rate. Allows (de)selection of campaigns in certain categories or with certain features (audio, etc.) Net 60, minimum $70. Accepts both US and international traffic.

Gunggo - Requires at least 10,000 unique visitors per month. Offers a variety of rich media, video, expandable, interstitial, and popunder ad formats. Uses the ZEDO ad serving system.

Harren Media - Specializes in US Hispanic, Latin American, and Spanish and Portuguese language publishers and audiences.

HerAgency - For sites and email lists directed towards women. Requires a minimum of 200,000 impressions per month, with the publisher/network revenue percentage split dependent upon traffic level. Their application form suggests that they only accept US-based publishers.

Hot Chalk Education Network - Powered by Adify and oriented to education related sites and sponsors.

Hyper Bidder - An auction style system for selling and buying banners by CPM and CPC.

IDG TechNetwork - Oriented to technology sites, including both B2B and B2C. Offers cross-linking from other member sites, to build traffic. International publishers and audiences OK.

Images Pay - Seems to be CPM and CPC. Their ads are overlayed onto your photographic content. International publishers OK. Net 30, minimum $50, by check or PayPal.

Index Exchange - Formerly known as Casale Media. Leaderboards, skyscrapers, boxes, and pop-unders. Mostly geotargeted to the US, but also many international campaigns. Individually selectable campaign, including auto-approve with selectable restrictions. Pop-unders have adjustable frequency capping. Allows redirection of defaults. Very nice publisher interface. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK. Pays 70% of advertiser's rate. Min $25, Net 30. Check or PayPal. We have used this network, and have received payments.

Inflection Point Media - Focused on business-to-business marketing.

Innovid - For publishers of video content. Inserts ads into the corner of the video frame as it plays.

Integrate - Seems oriented to high-end publishers.

Investing Media Solutions / IMS - Seems oriented to high-end publishers of finance and investment content. Offers CPM and CPL / Co-Reg. Listing added 18 December 2016.

J Carter Marketing - Includes regular banners, and also video pre-roll and post-roll creatives.

Jivox - Oriented to video ads, including in-banner and pre-roll. Also offers tools for producing video content and creatives.

Krypto Banners - Requires at least 3,000 unique impressions per month. Net 45, minimum $10. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

Link Adage - Not exactly CPM. They apparently auction sponsored links, at dollar amount per month.

LIN Digital -

Lotame Solutions - Oriented to social media targeting and monetization.

Mad Ads Media - Offers CPM, CPC, and CPA. Claims a 100% fill rate. Net 45, minimum $25.

Malta CPM - Seems to function as a gateway to other ad exchanges, including AppNexus, AtomX, DoubleClick, Invite Media, OpenX, and Rubicon. No minimum traffic requirement. Net 60 (but can pay Net 30 or Net 45, with a percentage deducted from earnings), minimum $100., by bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, or Skrill. Based in Malta, but international publishers and traffic OK. Listing added 14 December 2016.

Marketing Sector - CPM and CPC in various formats. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK, with some exceptions. They also own a CPA / Affiliate network called Affiliate Sector.

Marketing Web Traffic - CPM and CPC. Requires at least 10,000 impressions per month. Allows individual (de)selection of campaigns. International publishers OK.

Martini Media Network - Powered by Adify, and targeted to wealthy audiences and luxury products / services / sports. International publishers OK.

Matomy Media Group - Offers campaigns for web sites and for smartphone apps. Includes banners and videos. International publishers OK.

Media Shakers - CPM banners, plus contextual CPC text links. Pays via PayPal, wire transfers, or funds added to a debit MasterCard.

Microsoft Advertising - Seeks "top-tier" publishers.

Millennial Media - Oriented towards publishers of mobile-accessable content with their mMedia platform. International publishers OK.

Morning Falls - Mostly CPM and CPC, but also some CPA. Net 30, minimum $50, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK. They seem to have some relationship with Liquid Media Networks.

Motive Interactive - Their Display Network division does CPM, and possibly CPC, while their Advent division does CPL. Allows default redirects. Net 30, minimum $25, by check or wire transfer. You must have a privacy statement which includes a link to theirs. International publishers OK.

Nativo - Oriented to "native content" with the ads matching the format of the publisher's content. Also offers "an integrated ad serving solution to support programmatic media buying". Listing added 26 December 2017.

Next Level - Focuses on music and entertainment oriented sites. Applications are apparently done via email only.

OpenX Market - The emphasize their optimization system to select the highest-paying campaign available for each impression. Allows publishers to set a "floor price" of the lowest acceptable CPM.

Ozone Media - Appears to be a CPM network, but you must email them for more details. Has offices in India and the USA.

Paid To Promote - Pays twice per month, no minimum, by PayPal or WebMoney. Two tier. International publishers OK. Note that their copyright notice states, "2005".

Playwire Media - Formerly known as Intergi. CPM ad network for publishers with video game and entertainment content. Requires a minimum of 2000 unique visitors per day. Net 60, minimum $100, by check, PayPal, o wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Pulse Point - Formerly known as Context Web.

Razorfish - Formerly known as Avenue A. No minimum traffic listed, but probably high. Owned by Publicis Groupe SA.

Reach Junction -

React2Media - Requires at least 10,000 unique visitors per month. CPM, CPC, and some CPL co-registration. Net 45, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Real Tech Network - CPM and CPC. Requires at least 25,000 impressions (and/or 12,500 uniques) per month. Net 45, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Redux Media - CPM and CPC. Banners, popups/popunders, and rich media floating ads. Allows selection of individual campaigns, and default redirection. Net 30. Based in Canada, but International publishers OK.

RGM Group - Formerly known as InterLuxe. Oriented to affluent audiences. International publishers OK.

The Robert Sherman Network - Oddly, they suggest that they are willing to pay before the impressions are delivered. Requires at least 0.2% CTR. Offers default redirection. They reserve the right to cancel publishers who haven't earned a payment in the past six months. Check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Rocket Fuel - Emphasizes their behavioral targeting systems.

Rocket Profit - CPM, CPC, and CPV. Set your minimum requested rates. Various types of creatives. International publishers OK.

Romance Net - Offers a CPM ad network and a 4:5 ratio banner exchange network for dating/romance sites. Somewhat oriented to "foreign brides" type of content. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Rythm One - Added 6 October 2017.

Say Media - Formerly known as Video Egg. Seems to want high-end lifestyle magazine type publishers.

SekiNdo - Features CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. Based in Israel, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Sovrn -

Sparc Media - Formerly known as Funbox. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

Specific Media - Various formats (banners, streaming video, integrated search, co-registration, and email marketing) and payment structures (CPM, CPC, and CPA.) Requires at least 100,000 impressions per month. Net 30. Their signup form only gives address options for US and Canada.

Sponsor Works - Oriented to flat-rate text links, for day/week/month sponsorships, plus some CPM, CPC, and CPA. Two tier. Net 90, minimum $20. Owned by Millennium 3 Publishing.

SpotXchange - Oriented to ads shown with publishers' own video inventory. equires at least 25,000 monthly video impressions. Net 30, by check.

Stack Adapt - Offers "native advertising". Seems oriented to high-end publishers. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK. Added 7 April 2016.

Suite 66 - CPM network. Formerly known as Rydium. Requires at least 1 million page views per month, although a few exceptions may be made. Allows redirection of default impressions. Includes banners and pop-unders. Minimum payment $100, Net 90. Based in Canada, but appears to pay in US$.

Switch Ads - Allows publishers to set a minimum acceptable CPM. Offers real-time auctioning of impressions to the highest-bidding advertiser. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.

Target Spot - Oriented to audio ads on publishers of online radio stations.

TLV Media - Requires either 100,000 page views or 20,000 unique visitors per month. Net 45, minimum $50, by PayPal or wire transfer. Based in Israel, but international publishers OK.

Traffiq - An ad marketplace offering the ability to individually negotiate with advertisers.

Tremor Video - Specializing in rich media and streaming video banners. Appears to only accept US-based publishers.

Tribal Fusion - Entirely CPM. Requires a minimum of 60,000 impressions for each "ad space." This seems to mean that all of the impressions must be of the same size and page position (i.e. you cannot add up multiple banners per page to meet the minimum.) Allows redirection of defaults. Also allows publishers' earnings to be applied as payment for their their own ad campaigns. Currently only supports 468x60 GIF and JPEG banners. Owned by Exponential Advertising Intelligence.

Underdog Media - They emphasize their higher-paying-goes-first system for rotating banners.

Undertone Networks - Seems somewhat oriented to popunders, and high-end publishers.

United Global Media - Requires at least at least 50,000 impressions per month. Net 45, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

US Interactive Media - Formerly known as enCircle Media.

Vdopia - Oriented to video ads on the Web and in mobile content.

Wiget Media - Allows redirection of default impressions.

Winstar Interactive Media - States that they work with, "top brand name sites."

Xaxis -

Yahoo Advertising - Seems to be oriented to branding.

Ybrant Digital -


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