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Domain Parking

Last Updated 14 October 2017

If you have a domain which you aren't using (no Web site there), it might still receive visitors. Like if there was previously a site there, or if the domain has basic keywords. These advertisers specialize in helping to earn money in this situation. You can park your domain with them, and visitors will see a selection of paid text ads (mostly CPC, but some CPA) with you receiving a share of the revenue. Some also act as brokers to promote selling a domain, if you wish.

19 Parking - The percentage of revenue share is based upon total earnings (i.e. domains generating more gross income will receive a higher percentage.) Offers two tier referral payments. Net 45, minimum $50, by check or PayPal (or wire transfer with a minimum of $250.)

Afternic - Works with Fabulous and House Parking. Net 10, minimum $25, by check or PayPal. They also have an affiliate program for domain sales.

Bodis - It looks like their account approval is automatic. Net 60, minimum $20 for check or US direct deposit, $1000 for wire transfer. Also offers a marketplace for domain sales. International publishers OK.

Dark Blue Sea -

Domain Apps - Includes an affiliate program for referring other domain owners. Seems possibly related to the defunct sites Parking.Com and Why Park.

Domain Sponsor - Allows only type-in, organic search, and residual expired domain traffic (you may not promote it in other ways.) Owned by Oversee.Net. Rotates layouts, and optimizes for different keywords. Requires publishers to own at least 50 domain names. Optional "For Sale" link. Net 7, minimum $50. Check or PayPal (or wire transfer is over $5,000 per month.) Two tier. International publishers OK.

ExoClick - CPC network with text links, banners, and domain parking. Pays weekly, Net 7, by PayPal or ePassporte, minimum $10, or check or wire transfer, minimum US$200. Two tier. Based in Spain, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Fabulous - Based in Australia, and owned by Dark Blue Sea. Net 10, minimum $25 for check or PayPal, $1000 for wire transfer.

GoDaddy Cash Parking - Run by a major domain registrar. You don't need to have your domains registered through them. But note that they charge a small monthly fee to be in their program.


Hotkeys - Owned by Demand Media. They claim that their system will encourage search engines to index the parked domains. Offers free DNS and hosting. Net 15, minimum $25, by check or PayPal. International domain owners OK.

iMonetize - It appears that their optimization system tries to point your domain to a group of other parking services, to find the most profitable one for that day. They also have an affiliate program for signing up other domain owners. Net 45, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Most Wanted Domains - It appears that you must email them for details.

Name Drive - Net 15, pays only by PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer, with minimums ranging from $20 to $200. Offers two tier referral payments.

Name Media - Seems to own Active Audience, Gold Key, and Smart Name.

Octane 360 - Oriented to owners of domains containing US local geographic area keywords. Offers unique content to by posted on domains to attract search engine traffic. Owned by Local.Com.

Parking 4 Income - When we checked on 2 October 2007, they stated that they are in "Pre-Beta," and aren't fully up and running yet. Their system seems to require you to use your own Google Adsense account.

Ru Center - Their site is in Russian.

Sedo - Select a keyword to target the paid links selection. Offers six different layouts. Also offers domain escrow and brokerage services. Pays by check, wire transfer, or PayPal. Net 15, minimum $20/Paypal and $50 check or wire. International publishers OK.

Skenzo - This one also seems to be seeking, "large domain portfolio holders."

Smart Name - Net 15, minimum $100, by check, wire transfer, or PayPal. International publishers OK.

TrafficZ - Requires that you have a minimum of 100 domains (with exceptions for especially high-traffic domains.) Offers both CPM and CPC. Minimum payment $25, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK. Owned by Thought Convergence.



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