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Dating / Matchmaking / Personal Ads Programs

Last Updated 22 September 2019

These programs focus on dating, matchmaking, and personals ads, with the revenue being based on a percentage of the price for paid memberships/subscriptions to place and/or respond to personal ads, or, occasionally, a small (<$1) bounty for users placing free ads.

ABK-Soft - Promote their Able Dating software for building dating / matchmaking sites which earn revenue with subscriptions. The package includes the ability to set up an affiliate program.

Affiliate 4 Dating - Russian brides / Western men matchups. Pays a bounty per profile, and 50% commission on subscriptions. Two tier. Pays twice per month, minimum $50, by PayPal, WebMoney, or wire transfer (others available for fees.) International publishers OK.

Anastasia's Affiliate - Offers a few different "overseas brides" type of offers. Two tier. Net 20, minimum $50, by wire transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer.

Anastasia Web - Russian mail order brides. Net 45, minimum $50, by check, PayPal, wire transfer, WebMoney, Western Union, or Unistream. International publishers OK.

A Pretty Woman - Visitors can seek a Russian mail-order bride. Doesn't clearly specify commission structure. International affiliates OK.

Ashley Madison - Oriented to men seeking extramarital affairs. Pays twice per month, net 15, by check, PayPal, or US direct deposit. International publishers OK, and accepts some non-English language sites.

Bride.Ru - Russian mail-order brides. Promises a variable (depending on conversions) CPC rate, starting at 10 per click-through. International publishers OK.

Cute Only - Russian dating site connecting western men with women from the former USSR countries. Net 7, by PayPal or WebMoney. International publishers OK.

Dating Ad Network - CPM network and banner exchange. Seems to be owned by the same parent as Romance Net (listed below.)

Dating Affiliation - Offers sites in various different languages. Net 20, minimum €100. Seems to be based in France, but international publishers OK- 

Dating Gold - Seems to be liberal with traffic sources, including 404s. Pays per email registration, or per subscription with recurring revenue. Pays on the 5th and the 20th of the month, by check, PayPal, ePassporte or wire transfer, minimum $50.

Dating.lt - Net 30, minimum $100, by check or wire transfer. Based in Lithuania, but international publishers OK.

The Dating Network - Pays per lead.

DIY Dating - Set up your own site, populated with their listings. Based in the UK, but seems to have listings for other countries.

eLoveMarket - Seems to be foreign brides - Russian, Thai, Phillipina, etc. Offers recurring revenue.

Friend Finder - Promote sign-ups for browsing and placing personal ads. Two tier. Non-US publishers OK.

LavaLife - Pays 15% commission for subscriptions, with an extra $1 bounty for female profile-posters in their mainstream section, plus bonuses after 25 sign-ups per month.

Live Date Search - Somewhat oriented to Russian Brides type listings, although they specifically warn about scammers seeking money. Two tier. International publishers OK, but they want mostly English-speaking and western countries for traffic.

Love City - Two tier. International publishers OK.

Love Revenue - Promotes the "Victoria Milan" range of sites. Two tier. Minimum 100, by bank transfer or Payoneer. International publishers OK.

Planet Personals - Based in the UK. Offers 25% commission on fee for initial customer sign-ups.

Prelinker - Formerly known as Easy Flirt. Offers "white label" and co-branded dating sites, where you own your site, and they feed their database of listings. Includes some non-US countries, in appropriate languages. Based in France, but international publishers OK.

Qpid Affiliate - Offers sites for Asian, Russian, and Latin America dating categories.

Romance Net - Offers a CPM ad network and a 4:5 ratio banner exchange network. Somewhat oriented to "foreign brides" type of content. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Together Networks - Offers dating sites in many different languages and targeted to many different countries.

Top Lop - Listings of women from Ukraine and Russia.

World Dating Partners - Seems to offer some kind of "white label" program. Minimum payment $100. Based in the UK, but international publishers OK.


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