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Last Updated 22 September 2019

For affiliate programs selling Webmaster related items, check our Webmaster Tools listings.

Ascentive - Downloadable software to increase Web-surfng speed and optimize computer processing performance.

123 Greetings - Online greeting cards.

4 Shared - A file sharing service. This program appears to be a reseller type of structure.

Ad 4 Game - CPM, CPC and CPA. Oriented to publishers with gaming, entertainment, and anime content, and also offers Flash in-game ads. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, offers PayPal and wire transfer. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Ashampoo / Element 5 - Sells various software, including performance utilities and multimedia tools. Pays monthly, minimum 100 euros or 100 US dollars, by check, wire transfer, or direct deposit (US only.) Based in Germany, but international publishers OK.

Avangate - CPA / affiliate network oriented to selling software. Net 20, minimum €100, by check, PayPal, wire transfer, or prepaid debit card. Based in The Netherlands, but international publishers OK.

BlueSnap - Formerly known as Plimus. CPA network focused on software.

CD Universe - A wide selection of music, videos, and games. Net 14, minimum $20, by check, PayPal, or store credit for your own purchases. International publishers OK.

Computer Gear - Gifts, gadgets, and accessories. Pays 30 days after each quarter. If appears that prospective publishers must email them to sign up.

CPM Star - CPM ad network oriented to publishers of gaming content. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

eAcceleration - Various software and services, including products to defend against virus infection and spyware, plus other utilities. Pays monthly, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Email Revealer - Various services for online investigations and people searches. Pays monthly, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Firetrust - Internet security and anti-spam software. Two tier. Net 7, minimum US$40, by PayPal. Based in New Zealand, but international publishers OK.

First Load - Subscriptions to their Usenet access feed. Their site appears to be only available in German or French. International publishers OK.

FishPond - New Zealand based, and targeted to NZ customers. Mostly books, and also software and computer accessories. 10% commission for books, and 2% for software and magazines. Pays in $NZ, Paypal for non-NZ publishers, and NZ publishers can choose cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal. Min $20.

FreshMail - Premium email service with many features. International publishers OK.

Get Gamers - Oriented to gaming audiences. Offers popunders, mobile, and "back button" ad delivery for visitors bouncing away from a publisher's site.

Giganews - Offers Usenet newsgroups subscriptions. Features landing pages in a variety of languages. International publishers OK.

HD Publishing Group / Harris Digital Publishing - Offers "NetDetective" and other software packages. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Information Packaging - Offers various software, including items for webmasters. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum US$50. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

IP 2 Location - Software databases of Zip codes, postal codes, and telephone area codes, along with geographical information. Pays monthly, minimum $200, only via PayPal. International publishers OK.

iQu - Only promotes free-to-play online games. Net 30, minimum $50 by PayPal or minimum $200 by bank transfer.

Kipping Software - Small selection of downloadable software. Based in Germany, but international publishers OK.

lynda.com - Offers software training tutorials. Net 30, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

My Commerce - Formerly known as RegNow. Sells "try-before-you-buy" software.

NCIX Netlink Computers - "Canada's one stop internet computer store." Net 30, minimum $20.

News Demon - Usenet provider. Net 15, minimum $50. Also offers a referral program to earn free service. International publishers OK.

Newsguy - Offers paid Usenet feed subscriptions, along with Internet access, email, and Web hosting accounts. Pays monthly, minimum $50. Note that their contract states, "If commissions do not accumulate to a minimum of $50.00 within the period of one calendar quarter, no payment is made and the commission count is reset to zero." They also reserve the right to terminate publishers who are inactive for 90 days. International publishers OK.

One Network Direct - CPA / Affiliate network, which seems to focus on downloadable software. Minimum payment $50. International publishers OK. Owned by Digital River.

Optenet PC - Software for filtering out undesired categories of Web sites, such as for parental control of surfing. Pays quarterly, minimum $25, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Palo Alto Software - Software for writing business pals and marketing plans. Minimum payment $100, by check. They also have a UK version. International publishers OK.

Payloadz - They offer a system for merchants to sell downloadable products (software and other digital content.) The affiliate program pays for new merchant signups.

Pay Spree - Oriented to downloadable products.

Playwire Media - Formerly known as Intergi. CPM ad network for publishers with video game and entertainment content. Requires a minimum of 2000 unique visitors per day. Net 60, minimum $100, by check, PayPal, o wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Puget Custom Computers - Custom-built computer systems and parts. Net 30, minimum $100. Their signup form only accepts US addresses.

Robo Form - Their software is designed to let users store login/password information, and then fill out forms with a click (rather than typing.) Basic free version, and paid "pro" version. Minimum $30, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Shutterstock - Stock photos, clip art, videos, etc.

Spam Arrest - Subscriptions to their spam-protected email service. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

Tiger Direct - Offers up to 4% commission on sales of hardware and accessories. There is also a Canadian version.

Tradebit - Seems to offer a marketplace for selling downloadable files of various types. The affiliate programs involve promoting specific files from merchants. Based in Germany, but international publishers OK.

Upload.Net - Online file storage and backup service.

Usenet-Access - Offers subscriptions for newsgroup feeds. International publishers OK.

Usenet Junction - Offers paid Usenet access subscriptions. Pays monthly, minimum $100, by PayPal. Owned by Omicron Media. Listng added 26 December 2017.

Web CEO - Software for search engine marketing, Web traffic analysis, Web site management, and maintenance. Net 30, minimum $25, by check, PayPal, or ACH deposit. International publishers OK.

Website Magazine - Promote free subscriptions to this paper magazine for Web developers and similar professionals. Net 15, minimum $200. International publishers OK, but they only accept US-based leads.

Zen Mate - Provider of VPN service. Commissions are for both initial signup, and recurring subscriptions. Minimum payment €50, by SEPA wire transfer (to publishers in the European Union) or PayPal (to all other publishers). Based in Germany, but accepts publishers and customers from elsewhere. Listing added 11 December 2016.


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