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Canadian Sponsors & Affiliate Programs

Last Updated 14 October 2017

Share Results - Based in Canada, but also accepts sites with US audiences. About 60 merchants. Pays in Canadian or US dollars, by check, PayPal, or Net Teller. International publishers OK. We use this network, and have received payments.

MaxBounty - Lead-oriented CPA network. Large number of Freebies, sweepstakes, giveaways, and survey type campaigns. Based in Ottawa, but seems to seek mostly US audience. Net 15, minimum US$50, by check, PayPal, or direct deposit for some countries. Publishers in some countries can receive checks drawn in their local currency. We have used this network, and have received payments.

Ad 4 Game - Network with CPC, CPM and CPA campaigns. Oriented to publishers with gaming content, and also offers Flash in-game ads. Allows redirection of default impressions. Net 30, offers PayPal and wire transfer. International publishers OK.

Adjump - Lead oriented. They state that they want "large traffic providers." International publishers and traffic OK, including non-English-speaking countries.

adMobix - Network oriented to mobile advertising. Owned by the same parent as AdCommunal and somehow related to an old company named AdCanadian. International publishers OK.

AdsPilot - Network offering CPM and also sponsorships for time periods ranging from one day to one month. Encourages content sites or blogs. Allows redirection of default impressions. Two tier. Net 15, minimum $20 for PayPal, $50 for checks, minus services fees for both. International publishers OK. Owned by Vidasco Corporation.

Bootcamp Media - CPM network with banners and pops. Claims 100% fill rate. Net 30, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Bravenet - Web hosting and domains. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Bullet Ads - CPA / Affiliate network. International publishers OK.

CanReg - Domain registrar specializing in .ca domains. Offers a custom-branded option. Payments made quarterly. Canadian publishers only.

Career Jet - Offers links and feeds to their job listings, on a CPC basis. International publishers OK. They also have versions for the US and India.

Click Kingdom - Small CPA / Affiliate network. Mostly skin care and herbal supplement products. Two tier. Minimum payment $30, Net 14, by check or PayPal. International publishers OK.

CX Digital Media - (Formerly known as IncentaClick) Mostly CPA / Affiliate, but apparently offers a few CPC and CPM campaigns. Requires at least 10,000 impressions per month. Pays twice per month, Net 15, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. Two tier. International publishers OK. Owned by EQ Works.

Dot Canuck - Hosting and domain name registration. International publishers OK.

Dot Easy - Hosting and domain registrations, including free hosting with the purchase of a domain.

Easy Buy 2000 - Various types of electronic gear, including games, computer peripherals, and automotive items. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum US$20, by check or store credit. International publishers OK (except Vietnam and China.)

Flowers Canada - Appears to deliver to both Canada and the US. Offers an option to create your own co-branded store. Pays 30 days after each calendar quarter. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Home Trust - Offers a secured Visa credit card.

Host Papa - Hosting and domains, including Ca names. Based in Canada, but also serves the US and UK.. Net 45, minimum $100 or 50.

Index Exchange - CPM / CPC network. Based in Toronto, but international publishers and audiences OK.

Indigo / Chapters.ca - Online version of the popular book store chain.

Infinity Ads - CPM network using Popups and popunders. Offers up to $3 CPM. Two tier. Pays twice per month, Net 15, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. Appears to be owned by YesUp. International publishers OK.

Intact Earnings - CPA / Affiliate network. Pays monthly, minimum C$30. International publishers OK.

Kanetix - Offers insurance price quotes and collects leads. Net 10, minimum US$50. International publishers OK, but they only want Canadian and US traffic, and offer two separate programs to target each country.

Mundo Media - Based in Canada, but also has a US office. Pays by check or PayPal. Only accepts publishers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

NCIX Netlink Computers - "Canada's one stop internet computer store." Net 30, minimum $20.

Never Blue - Lead oriented. International publishers OK. Owned by GlobalWide Media.

O'Connor Florist - Ships to many countries, but appears to accept only Canadian and US publishers.

Rate Supermarket - Comparison search engine for financial services. Pays monthly, minimum CA$50, by check or PayPal.

Redux Media - CPM and CPC network. Banners, popups/popunders, and rich media floating ads. Allows selection of individual campaigns, and default redirection. Net 30. International publishers OK.

Ring Partner - Pay-per-call offers. International publshers OK.

Romance Net - Offers a CPM ad network and a 4:5 ratio banner exchange network for dating/romance sites. Somewhat oriented to "foreign brides" type of content. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.

Silvert's Clothing - Sells specialized clothing for seniors, elderly people, and customers with special needs, including items designed for hospitals and nursing homes. Pays quarterly, Net 30, minimum $50, by check. International publishers OK.

Stack Adapt - CPM network. Offers "native advertising". Seems oriented to high-end publishers. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK. Added 7 April 2016.

Suite 66 - CPM network. Formerly known as Rydium. Requires at least 1 million page views per month, although a few exceptions may be made. Allows redirection of default impressions. Includes banners and pop-unders. Minimum payment $100, Net 90. Based in Canada, but appears to pay in US$.

Tiger Direct - Formerly Misco. Offers 4% commission on sales of computer hardware and accessories. Non-Canadian publishers OK.

Tradeview - Forex. Offers various plans, including software download, account signup, or revshare percentage. Two tier. Net 15, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. International publishers OK. However, they state, "Tradeview Forex Affiliate Program cannot be promoted within the United States or Canada."

Yes Advertising - CPA / Affiliate network. Owned by YesUp. Based in Canada, but international publishers OK.


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