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Advertising For Blogs

Last Updated 21 January 2018

Bloggers can earn money with these networks are specifically oriented to running text ads on blogs.

About.com - Pays for a writer (called an "Expert") to post articles on a particular topic, and maintain that section of the About.com site. Payment is monthly, based on page views.

Ad Dynamo - CPC network. Offers an optional WordPress plugin for bloggers. Net 7, minimum R100. Based in South Africa, but international publishers and traffic OK.

Blogads - Oriented to publishers of blogs. Offers monthly sponsorships with graphic and/or text ads, and rates offered in relation to monthly page views.

BlogHer Ads - Oriented to blogs written by women, or with an audience primarily of women. They require exclusive placement as your only above-the-fold advertiser, and prohibit the use of paid posts. As of 27 September 2009, they appear to have a waiting list for bloggers applying for consideration.

Blogit - Paid subscriptions to their blog service. They restrict affiliate marketing to sending emails "to individuals with whom you have a pre-existing personal or business relationship."

Blogsvertise - A kind of product placement. They pay blog writers to mention or discuss specific products, services, and Web sites. Payment structure is per article. Only pays via Paypal. Minimum payment $10, Net 30.

Crisp Ads - Offers text ads based on your chosen keywords (not contextual), and category based graphic banners. Net 30, minimum $5, only by PayPal. Owned by the same company as Intela.

Datafeedr - Subscription service to generate and update Web store pages from merchant product feeds. Oriented to WordPress blog publishers. Offers recurring payments. Net 30, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Dog Time Media - Oriented towards pet-focused content and advertisers. Allows redirection of default impressions. Offers extra building tools for bloggers. Net 30, minimum $50.

E-Commerce Affiliates - CPA / Affiliate network that seems to be oriented to bloggers and social media publishers. Listing added 11 December 2016.

Federated Media - Their payment model and terms aren't clear.

Glam Media - Wants publishers with primarily female audiences. Requires at least 100,000 pages views per month, and any blogs must be at least three months old. Net 30, offers PayPal. International bloggers OK.

Helium - Pays for articles posted on their site.

Link Worth - Various types of text ads, along paid blog reviews. Net 10, minimum $100, by check, direct deposit, wire transfer ($20 fee), or PayPal (minimum $25.) International bloggers OK.

Nuffnang - Based in Singapore, and oriented to blog publishers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pay Per Post - Bloggers are offered a list of products or services to write about, and are paid if their blog entry is accepted. Net 30, pays via PayPal only.

Pay U 2 Blog - Pays every 2 weeks via PayPal.

RockYou Media - Oriented to developers of social media apps and games.

S.L.I.C.E. Digital - This network accepts regular content sites, blogs, and also social media publishers. Pays monthly. Two tier. Based in New Zealand, but apparantly international publishers OK. Listing added 21 January 2018..

Smorty - Pays per post, plus an optional CPC products link widget. Pays weekly, by PayPal only. International bloggers OK.

Social Spark - Pays CPA, per post, or daily sponsorship. Pays only via PayPal.

Sponsored Reviews - Seems to have fairly specific post requirements, set by each advertiser. There must be a disclosure that the post is sponsored. Pays bi-weekly, via PayPal only.

Sponsored Tweets - Pays users to include ads in their Twitter stream. Two tier.

Technorati Media - CPM network oriented to blogs and social media publishers. Claims a 100% fill rate. Net 60, minimum $50, by check or PayPal. International bloggers OK, including some non-English languages.

Wise Bread - Oriented to personal finance and frugal living.

YBN Media / Yard Barker Network - CPM network powered by Adify, and oriented to sports content.


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